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Transform your Feelings:

Anger - Sadness - Jealousy/Envy - Loneliness - Fear

Strengthen your awareness - Transform these powerful energies - Free yourself

with Francis Herdes

Start of the 5 Day Challenge: Thursday, February 4th, 2021

The recordings of all 5 days are now available in the exclusive member area.

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Do you wish to...

...let go of the arousing feelings of anger, Sadness, Jealousy/Envy, Loneliness and Fear?

So you are no longer in "blind reaction mode" but rather experience your feelings consciously?

...become aware where these feelings come from?

So you are no longer caught in old family energies, past experiences or inner conflicts?

...free yourself from restricting inner patterns?

So you can consciously decide how to constructively and positively deal with the situation?

...fulfill your deepest inner needs within yourself?

So you feel and activate within yourself what you have desperately sought outside of you, in other people, through appreciation or confirmation from outside sources.

...feel continuous inner peace and calmness?

So you feel balanced and in tune with yourself. 

How will the 5 Day Challenge take place?

5 daily live sessions with new ideas and inspirations, exercises and question and answer session

From February 4-8, 2021, I'll be giving a livestream in the protected member area every day at 11pm CET - we'll transform one feeling a day: on day 1, anger; on day 2, sadness; on day 3, envy/jealousy; on day 4, loneliness; and on day 5, fear.

The livestream takes place in the protected member area, for which you will receive the access data by e-mail directly after your purchase. After the livestream I will give you the opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions - for this purpose I will send all participants a zoom link to the respective day.

Deep, lasting Transformation in a joyful, fragrant way

The insights, exercises, and sharing in the group allows you to develop a deeper awareness of the feelings of anger, sadness, envy/jealousy, loneliness, and fear - not to "sweep them under the rug" but to really look consciously at how it shows up in you, why it shows up, and how you can use its energy powerfully in a positive way.

I give you powerful insights, valuable mindset exercises, personal development, wellness, essential oil applications and meditation so that you can reconnect with yourself, draw from your inner strength and experience deep inner peace.

Permanent Access to the exclusive member area

You can participate in the entire Challenge live or watch the recording, which is available shortly after the live date and then permanently for you in the exclusive member area.

The recordings are permanently available for you in your member area, so that you can start your 5-day transformation at any time. 

You can additionally download the audio recordings and then listen to them at any time.

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The 5 Day - 5 Emotions - Challenge

Day 1: Transform the feeling of anger

What does anger do with you and your life? What needs and feelings are actually behind it? Transform your anger in a fragrant way!

Day 2: Transform the feeling of sadness

We all feel sad from time to time. How you can feel and transform sadness as a guide and for more harmony and harmony.

Day 3: Transform the feelings of jealousy and envy

What can you do directly when you are jealous? How is it different from envy? The most important strategies.

Day 4: Transform the feeling of loneliness

Especially in the current situation, many people feel cut off and lonely. How you can transform the feeling of loneliness to the all-oneness.

Day 5: Transform the feeling of fear

We all feel occasional fear from time to time - before exam situations, important conversations or out of fear of losing something valuable. Learn to deal with the feeling of fear properly and use it as a guide for your needs and feelings.

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